7th grade GAT – Think-like an Orator (Sept 2017)

In Ms. Popa’s history class, students analyzed the main factors that contributed to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire: Political Corruption, Economic Collapse, Barbarian Invasions, etc. One option to show mastery was to use the primary sources, write and perform a ‘persuasive speech’ pertaining to the above factors; and use “rhetoric” to deliver it. Students had to take on a Roman historical figure/character, use period attire, and elaborate on potential solutions to fix those problems, set the record straight and save Rome from destruction … a bold attempt to change history. To see one of these performances, head over to our 7th-grade page on our website: 7th-grade activities.

One student, Ms. Zoë Chamberlain, ‘reflected’ on her Socratic Seminar experience and the class sessions Ms. Popa’ students have had so far on the Fall of Rome. Zoë’s eloquence and academic approach on primary documents analysis qualified her as a competitive debater … not an easy endeavor to achieve. Read Zoë’s reflections HERE.