There are a number of ways to volunteer. If you are interested, you can contact Friends of King directly or you can speak with your teacher about volunteering in the classroom.

Here are some ways to get involved.

Come to an FOK meeting. Attending a meeting will open your eyes to the efforts and concerns which you can play a role in. Our campus-wide support mobilizes volunteers working above and beyond the classroom in all manners of awareness, educational enrichment, fundraising, staff support and planning. The board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Parent Center.

Join an event committee. Events and fundraisers are ongoing and may need committee leaders or general volunteers. We will be announcing events on the website and in The Roar. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact Friends of King with any idea you may have!

I Keep King Clean. The beautification crew meets on Wednesdays at the Parent Center from 10am to noon to tackle a host of needs around campus. Their regular appearance instills a sense of pride and excitement in the students and is a great way for the parent to connect to kids on a regular basis.

Art panel project. Chain link fences are being beautified with painted murals. If you have a vision and passion for the arts, we need you!

Pressure washing. Thanks to outside donations and EnrichLA we have our very own hot pressure washer to help keep our campus clean. Sign up for a tutorial and spend an hour cleaning, it’s actually very therapeutic.

Graphic designers. We have many needs from website updates, newsletter and flyers. Bring your creative vision, we need you!

Become a teacher liaison in your kid’s classroom  Being a teacher liaison is a great way to stay involved. You will have early access to important information and help get that important info to your fellow parents.

Ask your teacher what their classroom needs. Many of our teachers have annual Amazon wish-lists.

Library upkeep. The library has just undergone a major renovation and is an invaluable asset to our school. There will be a constant need of upkeep. Help maintain the library as a clean, organized space for all the students to use and enjoy.

LACER – After School Programs. L.A.C.E.R needs a liaison to help communicate what’s going on after school with all of the parents!