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T.S.King MathCounts Club Goes to State!


It is with great pride we report that T.S. King MathCounts Club placed first in their division at last Saturday’s competition (and 5th amongst 42 schools in Los Angeles – including such schools as Harvard Westlake and Palos Verdes). They have now advanced to the 2018 SoCal Math Counts Competition which will be held on Saturday, March 31st, at the California Baptist University in Riverside.

Congratulations to our club sponsors and 9 competitors for making it this far, and best of luck in the upcoming competition!

Mr. Aleman and  Mr. Piumarta (Club Sponsors & Math Coaches)

Margareth Aquino (6th grade)

Diego Connolly (8th grade)

Zander Denning (8th grade)

Noah Han (7th grade)

Lindsay Orosco (6th grade)

Dylan Rainman (8th grade)

Leo Schelly (6th grade)

Eric Xie-McCarthy (8th grade)

James Young (6th grade)



King Lions Behavioral Expectations

Last month, King MS adopted new Behavioral Expectations (with input through our Magnets and SDM). There will be activities such as Poster Contests, Door Decorating Contests, and input from student groups such as Leadership, Peer Mediators, and GSA, etc to flesh out what this looks like in the day to day.


King Lions are Respectful.

I treat others the way I want to be treated.

I respect laws, rules, and school authority.

I treat people fairly and respect their rights.

I respect private and public property.


King Lions are Responsible.

I take responsibility for my actions.

I choose how I respond to others.

I return what I borrow.


King Lions are Appreciative of Differences.

I look for the good in others.

I respect each other’s right to be different.

I see cultural diversity as an opportunity for learning.


King Lions are Life-Long Learners.

I come to school prepared to learn.

I give my best in everything I do.

I am open and alert to solutions.


New Design Lab – Work in Progress…

Parents, teachers, and students came together on the last Friday of the holiday break to apply some elbow grease to our upcoming Design Lab. These volunteers painted, sawed, hung, and assembled throughout the morning, making strides in creating our dream lab. Check out the hard work of these volunteers. Other work days are needed–stay tuned for your opportunity to help our magnet build this amazing makers’ space.


6th grade GAT – Think like an Artist (Dec. 2017)

Right before 6th-graders went on Winter Break, we had an opportunity to visit the Pacific Standard Time exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center. We studied murals that can be seen throughout L.A. and even noticed that there was a lot of fabulous street art right in our school community! The students engaged in an art project that replicated the process of mural making by collaborating together to create one art piece.


6th grade FAM Art Showcase – Jan 17, 2018

Wednesday January 17, 2018, 6-9 pm at 325 Gorilla Studios.

Come see the 6th Grade Film and Media students photo entries to the LA County Pacific Standard Time Art Contest. 6th Grade students learned about photographic composition and went into a unit of identity and society, answering the question “Los Angeles is __________.
Am I Los Angeles?”
Student’s work will be displayed at 102 N Robinson Ave, Los Angeles CA 90026 on Wednesday, January 17th from 6-9pm.
Dress Swank. Come Snack. Enjoy Art.


7th grade ESM – Big Projects! (Nov. 2017)

ESM STEAM Magnet students, in Ms. Altounian’s 7th grade Math class, experienced the joy of art and math in using scrap they have to create Big Projects.  Their task was to use a common household product or item to design and build a larger scale model of the item.  You can see the love and joy of learning through their projects.


6th grade ESM – Robotics (Nov. 2017)

In Mr. Aleman’s Robotics class, students designed and built rovers using legos and also have been programming sensors, such as ultrasonic and color sensors, to accomplish challenging tasks. Following a line, avoiding obstacles, moving in a square and participating in a sumo wrestling competition are some of the challenges students have completed so far.