Litter Free Landscape

King students came up with the idea to launch a Litter Free Landscape Campaign to improve their campus. Please help them by taking a pledge to support a Litter Free Landscape. Add your own comments to describe your pledge today!

Litter Free Landscape Campaign kicks off with Grades of Green presentation!


Watch them explaining their efforts to encourage waste-free lunches!

What is the LITTER FREE LANDSCAPE campaign?

At the end of last year, a small group of sixth-grade students began to develop their Litter Free Landscape campaign. The goal of the campaign is to greatly reduce or rid our campus of trash. Fed up with the amount of litter on campus, students decided something needed to be done. They performed a trash audit, finding that a majority of the trash was packaging from students’ snacks and lunches. Our group, EarthSavers, now consists of sixth and seventh grade students. They have begun advertising the campaign by having students and teachers sign a pledge to keep the campus clean. Students would like to have banners made that make the campaign visible. They are writing PSA’s that can be performed during the morning announcements and on the student news channel, KSNC. They are also developing games and incentive programs for classrooms to encourage participation in the campaign. The group is working with representatives from GenerationEarth and Grades of Green and is organizing a school wide assembly to encourage all school members to bring waste free lunches. These groups will help our students design a recycling and composting plan, and we are hoping that they will be able to help us obtain covered trashcans. One of the group’s future goals is to reduce the waste created by the cafeteria and after school program meal programs. We will know our campaign is successful by observing a reduction in the amount of trash found on campus grounds. Students conducted another waste audit in November to collect data on the amount of trash found in different areas of campus. They can compare this data to that of another audit to be completed in May 2017. Students will also create a campus survey to see if students and staff have noticed a difference and if their habits have changed.