Getting to School

Friends of King encourages you to incorporate some active transportation into your commute to and from school, or if you are visiting King for events like Back to School Night or a theater production.

Consider these benefits of walking or biking to school:

* Safer streets * Less traffic * Reduced pollution * Healthy habits * Increased concentration * Social time * Joy *

Remember: Walking and biking to school does not mean door-to-door, or even everyday. Truly, each block and every day not driven makes a big difference.

Most everyone has to drive sometimes. We get it. But few of us have to drive all the way to school to drop our kids off. So please help our school become a better, safer community and park just a few blocks away and let your kids walk the rest. They’ll appreciate the trust you place in them, you’ll exit the school zone faster, and you’ll leave knowing you did your part. Refer to the map on this page to get familiar with the area and the safe crossings. To start, here are a few suggestions:

From the North: Drop students along Talmadge. Prospect Studios is less than a 10 minute walk to school.

From the South: Drop students just three blocks from school on Gateway. Or stop on Effie near Myra, just one block from school.

From the East on Sunset Blvd: Between 4112 and 4095 Sunset Blvd, there are stairs down to Manzanita, just three blocks from school.

From the East: Drop students at Landa Street and Griffith Park Blvd and avoid the mess on Fountain.

From the West: Drop students along Sunset Drive around Commonwealth or Hoover just a short walk from school.

Fun Places Nearby to MEET FRIENDS that are OPEN EARLY (i.e. before school):

Thank you for your help. This works best when parents and caregivers make a conscious choice to improve safety for all students.

Take the Thomas Starr King Middle Routes to School Parent/Caregiver Pledge and show your commitment to helping our school be healthier and safer.

Watch for T.S. King Walk and Bike to School Events and Challenges!

  • Take the 3 Block Challenge – park just three blocks from school and walk the rest, which equates to less than a 10 minute walk. Parking a few blocks away can make a big difference in reducing traffic and pollution around our school while adding some extra activity to your child’s day. Consider this: if every parent who now drives their child(ren) to school committed to the 3 Block Challenge just one day a week, traffic around the school would be reduced by 20% each day.​
  • National Walk To School Day will be in October. Join children and families from all over the 50 states and 40+ countries in walking to school!​ Help curb traffic, pollution, and get some exercise to jump start your day.​
  • National Bike To School Day will be in May. Get your rides ready! We will have Group Rides to celebrate National Bike to School Day.​ Group Rides and experienced ride leaders will help even our newest riders arrive to school safely and on time.

When planning your route or driving near Thomas Starr King know the TRAFFIC RULES:

STOP for students crossing


NO LEFT TURN  from FOUNTAIN onto MANZANITA during pick up or drop off

NO RIGHT TURN / NO LEFT TURN from SUNSET DRIVE onto BATES during pick up or drop off

if you drive to the school use the DROP OFF LINE, heading EAST on SUNSET DRIVE behind our school.