2021-2022 Board

Friends of King is all of us in the Thomas Starr King Middle School community. If you are a parent at King, you are part of Friends of King.

The FOK board is elected each year in the spring. Officers serve a maximum of two years. If you are interested in learning more about the board or being on the board as an officer or a committee member, we would love your help. Please email contact@friendsofking.org with your inquiry.

The 2021-2022 board is as follows:



Annual Fund Drive Committee

Emily Johnson (chair)
Jacquie Shabel

Communications Committee

Gosia Dudzik-Ducut (Roar)
Christina Karaba (Social Media)

Athletics Committee

Peter Spruyt
Shlomit Yelin-Arber

Events Committee

Jacquie Shabel (chair)
Christina Karaba
Stephanie Slaughter

Community Sponsorship Committee


Merchandise Committee

Carol Rotko
Jacquie Shabel

Magnet Parent Liaisons

(ESM) Gosia Dudzik-Ducut
(GAT) Monique Salazar
(FAM) Vacant

Grant Writing Committee

Lizbet Simmons