Teacher’s Corner

Thank you for being awesome!!! We are here to help.

On this menu you will find some handy forms to request funds, and to request bill payment (or reimbursement). *Our process (and yours) is greatly simplified if we just pay the bill for you and don’t have to reimburse you!!! Please use the attached form to let us know what you need.

Side note — if you need a link up — to collect FIELD TRIP DONATIONS, to SELL A SHIRT or other magnet MERCHANDISE, to host signups for a CLUB, to post an EVENT, to organize CHARITABLE GIVING — just let us know and we’ll set it up! You will be notified whenever someone donates. You will also be given an admin account over any of your campaigns so you can change and adjust the terms as you see fit!  Contact: jennie.chamberlain@gmail.com