Street Safety Improvements

Friends of King and Thomas Starr King Middle School encourage active transportation to school. We are actively working  with the community and the city to create Safe Routes to and from our school.

Here is a collection of hotspots and corridors around TS King, what progress has been made, and what is still needed. Please send us an email with the subject “King Street Smarts” with additional problems and hotspots that you notice, unsafe incidents that you witness, or if you simply would like to be more involved with this effort!

And please report all problems using the city’s MYLADOT or the LA 311 app.



King Transportation Survey Results

Fountain & Myra  – SUCCESS!! New Traffic Signal Timing with a Pedestrian Only Phase – the 1st of its kind in LA! The pedestrian only phase improves school zone safety, and was celebrated with the school community by Councilmember O’Farrell, Councilmember Ryu, and LADOT General Manager Reynolds on May 24, 2017. SUCCESS!! SUCCESS!! SUCCESS!! 3 crosswalks upgraded to zebra striped crosswalks. NEEDED pedestrian friendly geometric redesign needed to increase space and safety for pedestrians, similar to what was done at GPB & Landa. NEEDED delineated curb extension on north side of intersection. (CD13, SLNC)

Fountain & Sanborn  – SUCCESS!! crosswalk painted along north side of Fountain (CD4, LFNC). IN PROGRESS crosswalk on south side along Fountain (CD13, SLNC)

Fountain & Manzanita SUCCESS!! crosswalk painted along north side of Fountain (CD4, LFNC), SUCCESS!! crosswalk and fresh limit line on south side along Fountain (CD13, SLNC)

Fountain & Lyric   – SUCCESS!!  SUCCESS!! 2 crosswalks painted across Fountain (CD4, LFNC)

Fountain & Hyperion  SUCCESS!! crosswalk painted south side of Fountain across Hyperion (CD13, SLNC)

Fountain & Landa   SUCCESS!! SUCCESS!! 2 crosswalks painted across Fountain and across Landa (CD4, LFNC)

Hyperion & Landa  SUCCESS!! crosswalk painted across Hyperion at Landa (CD13/CD4, SLNC)

Griffith Park Blvd & Landa  SUCCESS!!  geometric redesign of intersection, added curb extensions, removal of channelized right turn, reduced vehicle pedestrian conflicts at every crossing

Griffith Park Blvd bike lanes SUCCESS!! mostly repainted, largely patched! NEEDED more patching, crack filling, and resurfacing to make a family friendly and safe riding surface — recommended use of Endurablend, an LADOT approved product currently in use at the crossing in front of Grand Market DTLA

Fountain & Talmage – SUCCESS!! – crosswalks along north side of Fountain (CD4, LFNC)

Fountain & Bates – SUCCESS!! north side crosswalk is painted!!! SUCCESS!! south side crosswalk is painted. IN PROGRESS study for marked/controlled crossing across Fountain is in progress!!! (CD13, SLNC)

Fountain – IN PROGRESS, slower speeds on Fountain and School Zones expanded to 1,000 ft from the school. Fountain is along the High Injury Network, and engineering for speed reduction will improve safety for our students. LAUSD OEHS is currently working with LADOT to extend our school zones.

Fountain & Effie  SUCCESS!! crosswalk is in!!!! (CD13, LFNC) *needs geometric redesign needed to slow speeds and improve safety

Sunset Drive & Bates — SUCCESS!! crosswalk was painted across the south side of Bates. NEEDED For across Sunset Drive, counts are in, but PENDING APPROVAL due to lack of curb ramps more crosswalks at this intersection. Also need curb ramps from LABSS (CD4, LFNC)

Sunset Drive & Talmage – IN PROGRESScrosswalks warranted and approved to be painted at this intersection. (CD4, LFNC)

Sunset Drive & Manzanita – IN PROGRESS counts are in and crosswalks are warranted, but PENDING APPROVAL due to lack of curb ramps.  Stop sign also needed  (CD4, LFNC) *students cross this intersection, as well as the vehicles leaving our dropoff line

Sunset Drive & Myra  — SUCCESS!! SUCCESS!! SUCCESS!! 3 crosswalks were painted (CD4, LFNC)

Bates & Effie – NEEDED, waiting on counts, 4 crosswalks needed (CD13, SLNC)

Myra & Effie – NEEDED, crosswalks and 4 way Stop, waiting on counts and study, 4 crosswalks needed (CD13, SLNC) *there were two crashes while we were walking by this intersection last May during our walk audit. LAUSD OEHS has also evaluated the area, and has independently recommended a 4 way Stop. 

Manzanita & Effie – NEEDED, waiting on counts, 4 crosswalks needed  (CD13, SLNC)

Sanborn & Effie – NEEDED, waiting on counts,crosswalks needed  (CD13, SLNC), LABSS also needs to add access ramp on the SE corner

Hyperion & Effie – NEEDED, waiting on counts, crosswalks needed  (CD13, SLNC), LABSS needs to add access ramp on the SE corner *Southbound Metro 175 bus stop is at this intersection

Griffith Park Blvd & Effie NEEDED, waiting on counts, crosswalks needed  (CD13, SLNC), LABSS needs to add access ramps on the NE corner, NW corner, SW corner

Sunset Blvd & Bates – DISPUTED controlled crossing requested at Bates across Sunset Blvd. Current study shows lack of pedestrian demand doesn’t warrant a controlled crossing. Request out for LADOT to consider vulnerable population of seniors and middle schoolers, and lack of safe crossing in this popular retail area. NEEDED this area along Sunset Blvd designated as a Pedestrian Oriented Corridor.






Griffith Park Blvd & Landa



Griffith Park Blvd Bike Lanes



Fountain & Sanborn



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Fountain & Myra



Fountain & Bates



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Sunset Drive & Myra



Sunset Drive & Talmage



Sunset Drive & Bates



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Fountain & south side of Bates



Sunset Blvd & Bates