To find out more about After School programs at Thomas Starr King Middle School, please see the front office. Here is a brief description of the programs currently on offer for the 2018/19 school year.


LACER Afterschool

Offers free, award-winning after-school programming each day to registered King LACERlogoM.S. students within the academics, arts, and athletics. Registration is very limited, attendance requirements apply (four days a week until 6pm), and open spaces are available each year through a lottery system that begins on June 1st through our website


“Lacer program is at capacity for the school year 2017-18. Our enrollement process begins in June and is based on a lottery system. This info was provided at all the new student orientations as well as announcements at the school. Due to our grant requirements we are to only serve a certain percentage. All families that applied and did not get in LACER are on the waiting list. What we can offer at this time for all our other King Families is our Beyond The Bell Youth Services program that will be hosting the Sports component. It is free,and open to all students interested. Students/Parents interested may pick up a registration forms after school from our Youth Services coaches. See Coach Sammy at the outdoor lunch area daily upon dismissal.”

Alejandra Torres

Program Director

L.A.C.E.R Afterschool Programs

T.S. King Middle School


Beyond the Bell

Through the LA84 funding, Beyond the Bell Middle School Unit will provide exciting seasonal sports including soccer, basketball, flag football, volleyball and more. There are no attendance requirements, students must be registered, and sign in and out each day they participate.

Coach Sammy can be reached after school or at

He can answer any questions in terms of sports schedules and homework time.


This is a FREE after school program. There are a few SLAM! sessions, and classes are offered after school one day a week. Watch for signups!

SLAM! Program Los Angeles is a nonprofit, school-based program whose mission is to provide students with accessible, contemporary and tuition-free music instruction. Our program is delivered through a network of volunteer college students, creating opportunities for mentorship and professional development through a shared experience of music.

Ultimate Frisbee

Twice a week after school, Friends of King has been sponsoring a local community Ultimate Frisbee program, run by nationally recognized players, Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 5:45pm. Ultimate Frisbee is free to all King students. Hope you are able to join the team!

JAXX Educational Theatre School

Do you love to ACT, SING, OR DANCE?

Look for JAXX musical theater productions signups!  This is a fee based program.