LET’S Build our Lion Pride at Thomas Starr King MIDDLE SCHOOL 

King teachers and staff go above and beyond to provide our students with a first-rate education. But they can’t do that without our support.

Each year, Friends of King hosts several fundraisers so that we can provide King money for the tools and experiences our kids need. Fundraising fills the gap between what LAUSD funding provides and what King wants to create. The money we raise is used for field trips, new PE equipment, art supplies, technology, musical instruments and so much more. It also helps fill the gap between the different socioeconomic circumstances of our very diverse school so that each and every kid gets the same opportunities.

King is the highest performing middle school in our region. Our success is attributed to our personalized learning environments, access to technology, parent/community involvement, and high percentage of National Board Certified teachers. As a true magnet program, we are a very diverse campus, with students from all parts of Los Angeles, speaking more than 30 languages.

Where to donate

To learn more about and donate to one of King’s many FIELD TRIPS, go here.

To learn more about and donate to King’s ANNUAL FUND DRIVE, go here.

To earn more about and to the annual JOG-A-THON, go here.

To give to Friends of King at any time, click the donate button below.