2019-2020 Board

Friends of King is all of us in the Thomas Starr King Middle School community. If you are a parent at King, you are part of Friends of King.

The FOK board is elected each year in the spring. Officers serve a maximum of two years. If you are interested in learning more about the board or being on the board as an officer or a committee member, we would love your help. Please email contact@friendsofking.org with your inquiry.

The 2019-2020 board is as follows:



Annual Fund Drive Committee
Carol Rotko
Jennifer Goodman
Svan Karadottir
Rowena Hofman
Communications Committee
Laura Lambert
Marija Thomas
Athletics Committee
Svan Karadottir
Mark Mauceri
Social Committee
Rowena Hofman
Community Sponsorship Committee
Scott Hofman
Merchandise Committee
Magnet Parent Liaisons
Amber Keltner (ESM)
Svan Karadottir (GAT)
Adrienne Kenton (FAM)
Grant Writing Committee