2017 Comic Con and King Invasion Festival

On Friday, May 26th teachers signed up to bring their classes  to the King Invasion Film Festival and the KSNC Comic Con.  Mr Palayan has been sponsoring the King Invasion Film Festival for over ten years.  Students make films about what would happen if aliens from another planet invaded our school.  Mr. Palayan’s Animation students and Mrs. Rinaldi’s Film students entered films for the festival.  Congratulations to “My Alien” the winning film by Dahlia Kasson, Jennifer Vu, Mayen Chhuy, Nicole Alexsanian, and Lillian Deng.  In addition to watching the top five films and honorable mentions, students viewed a documentary about actual UFO sightings in the United States.  Mr Palayan asked the audience if they believed if the sightings were real and look at the picture, almost everyone raised their hand!

Before and after the film festival, the library courtyard was set up with fun Comic Con themed activities.  There was a Twilight Zone themed maze, a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Scavenger Hunt, a Comic Book Art booth where students were able to create their own covers to win an actual comic book, and in honor of Star Wars: A New Hope‘s 40th birthday the film was shown in room 136 and there was a photo booth set up with Jabba the Hut and his prisoner, Princess Leah.

It was a busy day, but the teachers and students had a blast.  A great way to end a stressful three weeks of testing.